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Over the years as a dancer and Instructor one of the most important discoveries was efficiency.  How to approach the many facets of this intricate art form, is what can provide a career longevity and health as well as a more mindful and interesting relationship with the art.  Later in my dancing career I discovered a wider range of teaching theories as well as tools such as Alexander Technique and Titus Motion Therapy. In this 3 hour workshop we spend time to break it down.

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Efficient Dance Traning

In this workshop, dancers will develop a deeper understanding of ways to stabilize and strengthen their technique, while at the same time examining patterns of effort, stress and tension in the body. Through close examination of muscle groups and visualizations of their actions, dancers will gain deeper insights into the foundation of movement. This workshop will facilitate greater ease and economy in movement, as well as enable dancers to recognize and learn to release unnecessary tension.

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